Your  Classmates

Your Classmates

”The classroom is one of the first places where children encounter diversity as they suddenly find themselves spending huge portions of their day with many of other children from a wide range of backgrounds and life situations ”         

     The prospect of your rubbing shoulders in your classroom at ICE King of Kings Matric Higher Secondary School, with classmates from a diverse populace and wide-ranging cultural milieu, is promising indeed. Our objective to encompass the broadest cultural, belief, identity and socio-economic diversity amongst students and tutors, is unwavering. The affable ambience in the classrooms does pave the way for building and nurturing camaraderie and concurrently your teachers foster your minds and flourish your horizons, towards betterment. As always, the commencement of the new school year is preordained towards the culmination and preamble to multiculturalism. This school is home to an overabundance of “Getting to know you” arrangements aimed at offering plans to students in getting to know their classmates, friends and teachers. Students may also build upon new thoughts to include multicultural topics, themes and theories, in this respect.