Our Result Speaks


Our journey for empowering and inspiring children to become excellent achievers with high standards of competence, confidence and commitment started in the year 1999 as INSTITUTE FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION for clearing Tamil Nadu professional Entrance Examination. In the beginning with 87 children, the institution concentrated on achieving excellence. Hence, many children stepped into Anna University, REC which were the top 10 colleges.

As we were striving towards to become a catalyst for community renewal, improvement and success, More than 100 children got placed in Medical colleges which became the mile stone of our Institution. As we inspired children to chase tomorrow’s dreams by being the best today, Muthu of 2001 batch  secured State I rank and took the institution towards the greatest height.

In the year 2002 Poorna Chandrika secured State III rank. As every student was inspired to learn and empowered to excel, in the year 2003 it was indeed a great remark for the institution were Diwakar and Karthick Anand secured State I rank and John Secured State IV rank.

Our institution started to soar high to excel with quest and stood up with pride, were Priya of 2004 batch secured State II rank and in the year 2005 Kingston secured State III rank. In 2006 Tinu Stefi and Vijitha secured District I rank, Karpagambigai and Vaithiraj Secured District II rank.

In the year 2007 the Institution  got a switch over as ICE EDUCATION CENTER were more than 1000 children unfolded their imagination of stepping into professional courses. The institution started to work harder to make children smarter with vision “ Inspiring Children to Aspire and Empower”

               As the Institution started to work towards the goal, Gayathri of 2007 batch secured 1171/1200  and brought laurels to the Institution. Priyadharshini secured 1168/1200 in the year 2008. In the preceeding year of 2009, 2010 and 2011, Priyadharshini, Bharathi and Bala Subashree scored 1153/1200, 1177/1200 and 1165/1200.

Inorder to motivate the weak, to address the average and challenge the gifted the institution started a trust named, KING OF KINGS EDUCATIONAL CHARITABLE TRUST in the year 2010 with a vision, “Educating young minds to foster and bloom with holistic learning and achieving success through life changing learning experience”.

                  As  per the vision the Institution bloomed as ICE KING OF KINGS MATRIC HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, in the year 2010 with the vision, “Empowering students to pursue their dreams” and with the mission,   “To provide high quality educational opportunities that will inspire all students to aspire to learn, acquire the knowledge and accomplish the standards”.

The Institution became a vibrant center for learning which provides a congenial environment for students to excel academically and develop into ethically strong and morally elevated individuals.

We started to inspire the passion for learning and enabled all students to achieve their  full potential in a happy and supportive environment as they would become the responsible citizens and life long learners who are able to contribute successfully to the global community.

More than 1000 children joined the institution and started to unfold their imagination. In the year 2013- 14, R. Johnson Deva Asir of class X secured 482/500 and brought laurals to the institution.

In the year 2014-15, R. Sherin Jasmine of class X secured 494/500. The year of 2015-16 was bestowed with the blessings of the almighty God as it was our first XII batch, C. Jenolline Beulah secured 1128/1200 and R. Gayathri of class X secured 487/500.

We started to develop effective and supportive partnerships with parents and we also ensured that all our children develop the qualities and skills they need to thrive in their young age.

As our staffs were dedicated and passionate towards the teaching, in the year 2016-17, T. Ponthulasi Rahini secured 1183/1200  in class XII and three children P. Genolene Packia Shiniffa, J. Kavitha and J. Blessy Mary secured 488/500 in class x. In the year 2018-19, J. David Smith of class XII secured 573/600 and J. Joselin Lorisal scored 472/500 in class X.

To create an environment where learning is fun, stimulating and inclusive and to ensure that our children experience a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that values, respects and creates a sense of belonging KING OF KINGS SCHOOL CBSE was started in the year 2018, with a vision,  “Inspiring   every child to dream success with smile” and with a mission “ Every child is inspired to learn and empowered to excel”.

At king of kings we believe that a thin line demarcate a good school from a truly great one. Our commitment is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners.

We encourage children for taking positive risks, viewing errors as opportunities, setting goals, planning with a purpose and tracking their own progress we are proud to say that king of kings CBSE is a vibrant center for learning which provide a congenial atmosphere for students to excel academically and develop into ethically strong and morally elevated individually.

I embrace the opportunity to work with parents and staffs to provide your students with the knowledge and tools, Which will aid them throughout their  lives.We have a team of pioneer staff members who are carrying on the baton of this school with stench dedication.

The future vision of our institution is to come out with colleges, hospitals and old age homes for the benefit people residing in and around Tuticorin District,  with sincerity and dedication towards the society the institution will work for the betterment of the society towards a higher vision of lifting downtrodden people.