Our teachers are stalwarts in Knowledge, Flexibility, Commitment, and Motivational Skills. The Flexibility Centered Approach Facilitates learning to its truest sense. The school also believes in developing its teachers encouraging them to enhance their skills. To which end, the school conducts in-house training for teachers periodically and deputes them for workshops and training to enhance their knowledge and teaching skills.

To ensure the best quality, the teachers are recruited via a rigorous process, concluding with a King of Kings panel interview. The selection process focuses not only on the expertise and knowledge of the teacher but also on their vision, passion, integrity and intelligence.

The committed educators of Kings School, Tuticorin  are skilled at inspiring students to seek opportunities that lay ahead as wise, creative, entrepreneurial, solution-driven global leaders. The passionate teachers are well prepared to integrate technology into the learning process. The Institution is ably supported by a large and extremely devoted support staff which includes assistants, researchers, house-keeping personnel, trained paramedics, etc.