2. When should I submit an application for admission?

There is not set admissions deadline.

3. Can I enrol my child in ICE-King of kings matric higher secondary school now?

Yes, ICE-King of KINGS MATRIC HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL has a rolling admissions policy. Students are accepted based on the current availability for the particular grade.

4. When does the admission of students for the coming school year start?

We start enrolling student from November – May for a June start. 

5. Does ICE KING OF KINGS MATRIC HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL conduct entrance examinations for its admissions?

Students are admitted on the basis of their previous records and carefully structured interaction with the concerned team. Aptitude test is taken for admissions from Grade 3 onwards.

6. What is the maximum number of students in a classroom?

     The maximum number of students in a classroom is twenty five (25) and it varies anywhere between 20 and 25, depending on a grade level.

7. Can my child leave the school campus during the day?

If your child needs to leave the campus for any reason during the school day please contact  the front desk.

8. Are meals provided by the school?

Yes, the school cafeteria is open throughout the school day.  The cafeteria provides full meals and lunch options along with snacks.