Communications Policy


Our School gives major importance to clear communication within the school and to a positive partnership with parents.

Goal- what is the policy intended to achieve?

Our School  always welcomes contact with parents and guardians because this fosters mutual understanding and support which has a positive effect on student performance.  Communication promotes a partnership. The School wants to ensure that parents and guardians always have an appropriate and helpful response to their communications. However, the professional duties of School staff members can make it difficult for them to speak or meet with parents and guardians during the academy day. So in order to achieve the most effective balance for students, parents, guardians and school staff, we will follow the following principles:

  • Welcoming contact from parents and guardians.
  • Responding as quickly and as fully as possible to parents and guardians.
  • Sharing information as often and as fully as possible with parents and guardians.


  • Student diary: On a daily basis, parents can communicate with the school and teachers using the student diary/ handbook as a medium. The teacher or the school will reply using the same medium as quickly as possible. Consequently, we hope a two way process exists and that parents and guardians communicate with the tutors using the diaries.
  • Email to support desk: Parents are most welcome to communicate by sending a mail to support desk at, the school will always try to acknowledge letters and emails received from parents and guardians within two working days.
    1. If more time is required to provide a fuller response or to arrange a meeting, school staff will try to include in the acknowledgement details of when these will happen. Taking an appointment via mail is mandatory for meeting the teacher or coordinator. All  meetings with teachers other than PTM /SLC will be happen in the presence of the coordinator
    2. Members of staff will try to respond to the most pressing concerns of parents and guardians as quickly as possible. It is our intention to try to respond to any letter or e-mail as soon as we can and within seven working days.
    3. Please ensure to check your spam/ junk email folder for mails from us and mark them as not spam.
  • Phone call (in case of emergency to school reception only on 0461- 2345121): In emergencies or at other times when it is unavoidable, reception staff will help parents and guardians by taking messages via phone. Unfortunately, due to the busy nature of the day and volume of calls there can be no guarantee of passing on messages though we will endeavour to see this happen.
  • Website: The school seeks to put as much up-to-date information as possible on its website. Most general information that parents and guardians would seek can be readily found by logging on at
  • Newsletter: The school will also communicate via newsletters which are produced online and as a hard copy which are distributed directly to the students. Parents and guardians are encouraged to read the newsletter which will be sent by weekly and UOI newsletter will be sent once in six weeks.
  • Circulars: Some Information will be sent via circulars (hard copies) with the students, parents are required to ask the students or check their diaries for such details.