Academies at KOK

Academies at KOK


The focus at School is to offer children the opportunity to discover and develop their athletic and sporting talents to achieve international recognition. KOK School students will be challenged to excel on the playing field and as ambassadors and leaders. The opportunity for identified talented students to train in the hours of daylight, with highly qualified coaches throughout the school year, offers these athletes the time to perfect existing skills and to learn and develop a wider range of new skills. The students also learn from each other, in an environment that fosters and encourages them to be confident and willing to make mistakes, with the ultimate goal of working towards becoming an elite performer.

Academy Vision

  • To develop the individuals with the skills, discipline, knowledge and attitude to succeed in the competitions and life outside of sport.
  • A tool to promote our school and draw talented sports performers.

Rationale and Purpose

To ensure that our elite athletes achieve high performance we aim to give:

  • Advanced tuition and coaching from highly qualified staff
  • Quality coaching programme that reflect the modern game
  • Competitive results in inter-school, district and state level competitions
  • Rigorous and competitive training both on the sports field and in the classroom
  • Maintaining academic and personal standards that reflect the ethos of the school
  • These standards help to maintain high expectations of discipline and self awareness among all students.

Our sports academies are:

  • Gymnastics
  • Skating
  • Cricket
  • Karate
  • Tennikoit