Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Music and dance are significant part of curricula at our School, because it instills discipline, endurance, analytical skills and furthermore, students gain a sense of community. Students begin their informal musical education at age 2 in the kindergarten where songs and music are integrated throughout the curriculum. From Pre-Kindergarten through to Secondary School the opportunities for music education continue to expand in variety, depth and degree of difficulty. Student learning and artistic development gives parent the opportunity to see how their student’s work has progressed throughout the year. Program offered through the School Performing Arts Department not only develop and encourage artistic expression and diversity in our students, but build transferrable skills for our students to take into the wider world. Here at School, our students have access to drama, musical theatre, mime and internationally recognized dance training. Although most of our students have access to this expressive and confidence building area of study, those students with a particularly keen interest or aptitude can benefit greatly from the performing arts program to build their acting and dancing skills even further.

Programs include:

  • Stage Productions
  • Technology in Performance
  • Mime and Movement
  • Improvisation
  • Classical  & Western Dance
  • Specialist Workshops

Stimulating Education Excellence Through Drama Standards

Students in drama programs have reported the following changes in their academic aptitude:

  • Greater concentration, leading to improvements in test scores
  • Confidence in their writing skills
  • All types of learners advance in their English competency
  • Students improve their grasp of language arts basics
  • Confidence soars – which in turn makes students more respectful of their peers
  • More productive group working skills
  • Students find the study of drama makes writing significantly easier

Great Ways Performing Arts Can Benefit our Students in KOK School

There are many reasons doing arts must play an essential role your child’s education and learning, be it in college or as an extracurricular activity. In numerous research studies, researchers are now linking involvement in the arts to better child growth and also higher pupil achievement.


Among the most obvious benefits of doing arts is the development of abilities in self-presentation. A child needs to learn how you can present him or herself before an audience, be it large or small. They create the capability to speak with grownups in a fully grown way. Involvement in the arts permits them to expand their self-confidence and confidence, creating grace and also learning how to get rid of anxieties.

Doing arts are likewise about social communication and participation. Your kid will certainly no question make life-long friends with those that share the exact same passion as they do.


The arts permit deep self-expression from a kid’s heart. It could assist them make sense of their emotions and also establish originalities to express themselves. For instance, musical children may locate their “happy area” when they are playing songs to themselves that show their emotions. Or perhaps the dancer is much better able to express their emotions via physical movement instead of vocally.

Performing arts are also excellent workout– also opera! A singer must be healthy and also have a good lung capability to reach and hold notes for an amount of time. Some doing arts are based on social history, which might permit a child to get in touch with their origins or ethnic background.


Carrying out arts help show children both self-sufficiency along with cooperation with others in order to get to an objective. They find out that there are several paths to establish ability. As an example, a child learning a musical instrument could likewise join an orchestra to open them up to an additional design of music as well as performance to benefit their solo work.Carrying out arts develop thinking and creative thinking, in addition to motivation, focus and synergy.