Monthly News Paper



It’s my pleasure to pen few words in our school news letter. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela. Indeed school plays  a vital role in shaping the young minds of energetic children. In this modern era children must be taught how to think and not what to think.

In this letter I would like to share few words about SACRIFICE. Though it is easy to say or spell the word sacrifice it is indeed difficult to sacrifice certain things in our life. The word sacrifice means that something is given up in order to benefit other person.Sacrifice is being willing to give up something good for something better.

Life is full of boundless possibilities, but in order to transform a possibility into a reality we have to choose, sacrificing the many inorder to attain the one. Nothing is gained without something relinquished.

Sacrifice is one of the purest and most selfless way to love someone. There is no better way to show one’s loyalty or love for another than through sacrifice. Sacrifice is the act in which something is pushed aside for the sake of something of a greater value or significance.

For instance, spending your entire Saturday helping an elderly neighbour clean their yard or spending your evening visiting those individuals ill in the hospital, it means you’re sacrificing your time for others.

The promise verse for ICE KING OF KINGS MATRIC HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL and for KINGS OF KINGS SCHOOL CBSE is GENESIS 12:2, which says that “ I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing ”.

God commanded Abram that “ Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you”. Abram did not deny the words of the Lord or he didn’t question God that why should he do so, he immediately obeyed the voice of the Lord. Hence god blessed Abram abundantly as said in Genesis 12:2.

As Abram obeyed to the voice of God, he promised Abram that he will make Abram a great nation, he will bless Abram, he will  make his name great and Abram will be a blessing

God’s promises are yes and Amen….Indeed God blessed Abram and made him into a great nation as he has promised. This year we do believe that as we obey as a team and family to the word of God, he will make us into a great nation and we will succeed and multiply in all our endeveaours.

This year is the year of blessing. God will abundantly bless the management and our financial needs, teaching and non teaching staffs and each and every student studying here. God will bless the families of every child whoever is  studying in school. Not only that God will meet all the financial needs of the family and the school according to the riches of heaven. He will be with every family and guide in every step taken by the family members.

God said that he will make great the name of Abram as he obeyed his words. We believe that our school will get a good reputation among Tuticorin District this year, We will get State ranks and rank No.1 by the grace of god in all the steps that we take. We also do believe that every child will reach their heights and their destination by the Grace of God.

God blessed Abram in such a way that he will be a blessing, we do believe that our management, our school teaching and non teaching staffs, our school children and their parents will be a blessing to one another, towards the family and towards the society.

With regards,